Your Carpets can be beautiful again!

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Get professional carpet cleaning

There's no better choice between Hollister, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, and Aromas, California for quick and highly effective carpet cleaning service. 5 Star Clean & Quick Dry was named the 2014 best carpet cleaner in San Benito by Freelance Newspaper! Your carpets can be beautiful again. Call today for a FREE estimate and get 10% OFF when you clean your upholstery at the same time.

• Vacuum removes surface dirt and debris

• Carpet is sprayed with cleaning solution using portable sprayer, which saves 90% of the water that a steam cleaner would use

• A low-speed floor machine scrubs the carpet with a soft nylon brush

• 100% cotton bonnet absorbs moisture and floor stains

• Grooming broom unifies carpet appearance


Rely on our flawless, sustainable method


Benefits of our cleaning solution

  • The solution contains no bleach, enzymes, or soap.

  • There is no residue left on your carpet to attract more soil later.

  • Cleaning will not cause any shrinking or stretching of your carpet.

  • Chemical Dry Clean